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Monroe Fall Boys 7v7 - Schedule for Remainder of Fall Season
by posted 10/12/2018

2018 Boys 3rd to 8th - Monroe Fall 7v7 Fall Ball 



LOCATION: CAGE FIELD, 1629 Perinneville Road, Monroe, NJ

WEEK #3 - Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018

6:00 pm - Boys 3/4 - FIELD 2 vs. EB 3/4 

7:00 pm - Boys 5/6 - FIELD 1 vs. SB 5/6

8:00 pm - Boys 7/8 - FIELD 1 vs. Monroe 7/8 II


WEEK #4 - Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018


6:00 pm - Boys 3/4 on FIELD 2 vs. SB 3/4

7:00 pm - Boys 5/6 on FIELD 2 vs. EB 5/6

7:00 pm - Boys 7/8 on FIELD 3 vs. Monroe 7/8 I

8:00 pm - Boys 7/8 on FIELD 3 vs. EB 7/8 I


WEEK #5 - Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018

6:00 pm - Boys 3/4 on FIELD 2 vs. SB 3/4

7:00 pm - Boys 5/6 on FIELD 2 vs. Team 716

8:00 pm - Boys 7/8 on FIELD 1 vs. Jackson 7/8


WEEK #6 - Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018 **FINAL NIGHT**

6:00 pm - Boys 3/4 on FIELD 2 vs. EB 3/4

7:00 pm - Boys 5/6 on FIELD 1 vs. Monroe 5/6

8:00 pm - Boys 7/8 on FIELD 1 vs. SB 7/8


Boys should arrive 1/2 hour before games, fully dressed and ready to warm up with water.



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Winter Lacrosse League and Training for RLA Boys and Girls
by posted 10/10/2018

This Winter, our RLA players are again encouraged participate in the Centercourt of Lawrence Winter lacrosse Legaues to ensure they get the rust off their sticks and are ready for a great RLA Spring season!


December 2, 2018 to February 24, 2019



Ages 5-8yrs, 8-11yrs, 14-18yrs  Gender(s) Boys  
Sport(s) Boys Lacrosse  Location(s) Lawrence

See registration for specific nights/times for each age group.

The Centercourt 7v7 Youth Instructional League was created to help players and teams reach their off-season goals and stick with the game in the off-season, leading up to the spring. The program will follow a specific theme each night. For example, Stickwork, Communication, Team Defenses/Offenses, Fundaments, etc. The 25-30-minute instructional portion of the sessions will focus directly on the night’s theme, which will be followed by live game-play. The game-play portion should be used to practice the night’s theme at full-speed.

Township-Team coaches are more than welcome and encouraged to join Centercourt coaches on the field to take notes on coaching pointers and work directly with their players.


All participants will receive one month of performance training and a physical therapy consultation with ADAPT Performance and Rehab.


December 6, 2018  to February 21, 2019



Ages 5-8yrs, 8-11yrs, 11-14yrs, 14-18yrs  Gender(s) Girls  
Sport(s) Girls Lacrosse  Location(s) Lawrence


  • Dodging 5.0 & Lacrosse 101 - Part 2: 12/6, 12/13, 12/20, 1/10, 1/17
  • 3D - Defense & Stickwork Academy: 1/24, 1/31, 2/7, 2/14, 2/21

Time: 7:00 - 8:00pm

*Programs can be combined*
**Participants involved in 2 or more winter programs at Centercourt receive player discounts.  Please contact cap@centercourtclub.com for more details. These discounts are only applied per season.  So it is in the number of programs the player is entered in during the particular season.

Centercourt of Lawrence
1080 Spruce St.
Lawrence, NJ 08638


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2nd Annual RLA Boys Alumni Game - Red Team (Ravens) Win!
by posted 06/06/2018

With thunderstorms looming, the 2nd Annual Alumni Game was moved indoors to the Robbinsville Field house. While there was definitely a bit of rust on some player who no longer play (especially the old guy with the red helmet and 2 bar syndrome), overall the level of play was very high and it was a very competitive and fun game.

Teams were originally split by high school graduating year, but a few players had to move among teams to even things out.  Odd Graduating Years played on RED (Ravens) and Even Graduating Years played on BLUE (RAIDERS).

It was a great game with a lot of back and forth play.  At the end of regulation, the game was tied!

Rather than go into a Braveheart (which Bobby Stewart would likely win the faceoff and go right down and score), it was decided that we'd go with sudden death. However, all that planning was for naught as Bobby won the faceoff anyway and came right down the field and scored to give the Ravens (RED) team this year's win over the Raiders (BLUE) team.

It was a great day to see Ravens and Raiders of all ages playing on field and having a great time. We are so lucky that we had you all in our program, and we are even more lucky that we get you guys back out each year at our alumni game! GO RAIDERS! GO RAVENS!

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2018 RLA Boys Futures Game - Freshman Keep Streak Alive
by posted 06/05/2018

The 2018 Boys Futures Game did not disapoint!  Every year since its inception, the Freshmen have come out on top in the Futures game against the 8th Graders, and this game was no exception.

The Freshman won by a score of 11-6.

Despite the Freshman going up early by a large margin, the RLA 7/8 team did not quit and did not stop and kept plugging away.  The game saw friends and future RHS teammates battling against each other.  There was creative playmaking on both sides and players who played outside their normal positions while making a difference in the game's outcome.  

The best part of the game knowing that next year these guys will mostly all be continuing their lacrosse careers together at RHS where they can unleash their skills against other teams rather than each other.

Best of luck to our 8th Graders!  Thank you for your time and commitment to the RLA!


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